Air France – Carry On Sizes

Air France – Carry On Sizes

by admin, November 10, 2014
Airline No. of Bags Allowed Maximum Allowable Dimensions Max Weight
Air France
carry-on info
1/passenger 22″ x 14″ x 9″ 26.4 lbs.

In order to keep the passenger compartment uncluttered and safe, the airlines place rules and size limits on the luggagethat each traveler can carry on the plane. The primary rule is the size limit stating that bags carried on board must be small enough to store below your seat or in the overhead compartment. Currently the basic rule is that carry on baggage must be no taller than 22 inches, no wider than 14 inches, and no deeper than 9 inches. In many cases, you’ll also have to contend with limits on weight. We’ve gathered the restriction details of some of the more heavily traveled airlines below

Air France Carry-on-Info

The principle

Your destination determines how many pieces of luggage you may take with you. The maximum weight allowance (in kilos) or number of pieces (‘PC´) that can be checked in is stated on your e-ticket.
If you wish to transport baggage items that are heavier than the specified limit, or an additional baggage item, you must pay a supplement at check-in.

You can also buy your additional baggage allowance in advance when you check in online via a growing number of our www.airfrance.com sites. and take advantage of discounts as high as 30% for weight allowance!
Terms and conditions

Please note: regardless of the type of your baggage allowance (weight concept or piece concept), your baggage must not exceed 32 kg in weight or 158 cm (62″) when adding length + width + height.

For your information: Children under the age of 2 are entitled to a special allowance of 10 kg + one cabin baggage item + one of the following 3 items: foldable stroller, bassinet, car seat… whatever their destination.

Sports equipment


The transportation of sports equipment is subject to specific conditions and varies according to the type of baggage allowance applicable to your flight.
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Are you traveling between Europe and the United States or Canada?

For Voyageur cabin (coach class) tickets issued after November 1, 2009, for flights between Europe and the United States or Canada:

Passengers can transport 1 hold baggage item weighing up to 23 kg free of charge,
Flying Blue Platinum, Gold or Silver members can transport 2 hold baggage items weighing up to 23 kg each free of charge.

If you wish to transport baggage which exceeds either the allocated weight, or an extra item of baggage, you must purchase an additional baggage allowance during check-in. The fee for checking in a second hold baggage item is €50 (50USD when departing from the United States and 50CAD from Canada). Please note: you save 20% if you purchase your additional baggage allowance during online check-in on www.airfrance.com.

Other special baggage items

The transportation of bulky items, wheelchairs, musical instruments and other such items is also subject to specific conditions.
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Air France

The main French flag bearing airline, Air France has a long history of innovation and luxury travel to destinations across the world. A link up between Air France and the Dutch carrier KLM formed one of the largest airlines in Europe flying to over 200 destinations and offering the most up to date aircraft, including the Airbus A380.

Six French airlines were merged in 1933 to form Air France, the first commercial French airline, SGTA was one of those merged into the new airline. Each of the airlines combining to become Air France had been in existence for a long period of time, meaning they had existing routes and destinations they regularly flew to throughout France, Europe and the French North African colonies. Because of the existing routes and airport destinations, Air France quickly built up a reputation as a high quality carrier within the burgeoning airline industry. After moving its operations to Morocco during World War II, Air France was nationalized by the French government to help drive the war damaged economy in 1945.

Air France has a long history of innovation and invention within the airline industry, during the 1950s the company was one of the leaders in the drive towards the inclusion of the jet engine in the airline industry. In 1976, a partnership with British Airways led to the first supersonic flight by the now discontinued Concorde plane taking place. The arrival of Concorde also led to the position of Air France as one of the world’s most famous luxury airlines being cemented into place, the arrival of Concorde saw the travel time between Paris and New York cut to around three and a half hours.

In 2003, the merger with KLM occurred and created one of the world’s largest airlines, by 2004 Air France was responsible for around one quarter of all flights scheduled across Europe. This position as one of the major carriers in Europe has been assisted by the arrival of the Hop! airline, which offers the majority of Air France flights to locations in and around France and Europe as a whole. The main airport hub for Air France is located at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, which offers flights to every Air France destination and is also the home for Air France subsidiaries Hop! and CityJet.

The links with airplane innovation has continued since the end of the supersonic era with Air France being one of the first airlines to offer flights from the A380 plane. The airline offers a mixed fleet of aircraft that includes planes from both Airbus and Boeing manufacturers, with the majority of flights completed by Airbus A320 and Boeing 777 planes to create a total operating fleet of around 250 planes in 2013.

Air France consistently ranks highly in customer satisfaction surveys, largely because of the impressive style and comfort offered in its cabins. International long haul flights feature a number of options not available with many international carriers, such as personal screens in the rear of seats for passengers in all four cabins offered during international flights. On demand video and audio options are also extensive and have led to many passengers choosing Air France as a matter of course for their long haul flights.

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