Delta Air Lines Carry-On  Sizes

Delta Air Lines Carry-On Sizes

by admin, November 11, 2014

Not sure what to check and what to carry? Take a few minutes to learn the can-dos and no-can-dos of carry-ons.

TSA’s recently announced changes to its Prohibited Items list, including allowing small pocket knives on aircraft, has been temporarily delayed. For more information, visit tsa.gov.

One bag. One item. No charge.    

We know, you’ve probably heard it before, but just in case you need a reminder: you’re allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item at no extra charge. Just make sure they fit into the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. Cram sessions are not pretty — and they slow things down.

So What Exactly Is Allowed?

Approved Personal Items

  • 1 purse, briefcase, camera bag or diaper bag
  • or 1 laptop computer (computers cannot be checked)
  • or 1 item of a similar or smaller size to those listed above

Additional Approved Items

The following items do not count as personal items (they’re freebies):

  • A jacket or umbrella
  • Food or drink purchased after clearing the security checkpoint
  • Duty-free merchandise
  • Special items like strollers, child restraint seats or assistive devices such as wheelchairs or crutches

Carry-on Size Restrictions

It won’t fit. Three words you don’t want to hear when trying to board. To avoid delays and possible checked bag fees, follow these size requirements:

  • Baggage may not exceed 45 linear inches (or 114 cm) in combined length, width and height, including any handles and wheels
  • Baggage must fit easily in the Carry-on Baggage Check (approximately 22″ x 14″ x 9″ or 56 x 35 x  23 cm), which is located near the check-in counters

Passengers traveling on Delta Connection flights, and only those flights with fifty (50) seats or less, are only permitted to carry personal items on board the aircraft due to limited overhead space.  Personal items must be able to fit securely under the seat in front of the passenger.  All carry-on bags within Delta’s size restrictions will be gate checked, free of charge, during the boarding process and returned upon deplaning.  Please ensure that a pink Gate Claim/Planeside tag is securely attached to the carry-on item.  Assistive devices are not subject to this restriction.

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